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Wellness and Strategy: For Everyone

How to have a yoga body... Have a body. Do yoga.
— Humankind


The wellness industry can and should be for everyone. And I mean everyone. I don't look like a typical yoga instructor, and you don't have to look like a typical yoga student to benefit from this beloved practice. I am happy to offer yoga instruction in your home or mine if that helps you to break barriers of any type. Your body is perfect and deserves love and attention and care. Same with your mind and your soul.

If you or someone you know can use coaching support but can't afford the opportunity, please reach out. I've been there. Likewise, if you're interested in funding opportunities for retreats or coaching or yoga for those who are priced out, please contact me! 

I also offer discounted rates for facilitation and strategic consulting for small organizations and individuals doing social justice work. Your work matters to me.

As you think about access to the mindfulness movement, consider this read. Thanks in advance, and contact me if you'd like to process what you've read.

Credit: Brooke Trexler Photography

Credit: Brooke Trexler Photography